Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanks to all the folk who are my 'clients'...

Photograph copyright: Francesca Arnold, 2010

I was thinking today just how much I've learned from the amazing people I work alongside. I've described them as 'clients' in the title, but, of course, it's only the professional relationship which requires this distinction - I see you as people actually (hence the quotation marks). When I hear about the crap you deal with daily; the tragedies and heartbreak you struggle to deal with - when I witness this, and see you dust yourselves down, join together and get on with life, I am humbled and inspired. I think about you, and sometimes worry about you too. I am not eloquent enough to find the words that express the power of how I feel when I think about this community - a group of people often brought together by hard times/events, but definitely not defined by it. I can't find the words, but I trust you know that my sentiments are heartfelt and completely genuine.

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  1. Absolutely the right words Colin. Can I just say that I know many of your 'clients' find inspiration from you too - I know because they've told me.